Discover Coyoacán

Coyoacán is a Mexico City’s neighborhoods that received the “Magic Neighborhood” designation for its cobblestone streets, colonial homes, churches, and museums among which the house of the painter Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera. With markets and festivals it is a must see when in Mexico’s capital.

What to see in Coyoacán

Visit of he historic city center:

  • The two plazas of the city center with their gardens of laurel tree: Jardin del Centenario and which was part of the atrium of the San Juan Bautista church and Jardin Hidalgo . Over the weekends they are filled with street artists and tourists.
  • The area of the municipal building where Cortés livedfor two years as Mexico City was being built.

Monateries and churches among which:

  • The Parish of San Juan Bautista, one of three oldest churches in Mexico City and a beautiful monastery.
  • The Dieguinos monastery on the site previsouly dedicated to an Aztec god.


  • Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares, dedicated to popular Mexican culture.
  • The Frida Kahlo Museum,also known as “La Casa Azul” where she lived with some of her painting and with her own art collection and many pieces of Mexican art.
  • The Leon Trotsky Museum who thanks to Friday Khalo and Diego Rivera lived in Coyoacan after being forced to exile by Stalin.

Coyoacán Exchange Programs

  • Middle-School Exchange

  • Día de los Muertos

  • Additional planned programs