Position Opening for Part-Time Executive Director

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Position Overview: The Executive Director of ASCA is a part-time independent contractor position responsible for the overall management and operations of the association, with a strong emphasis on fundraising and membership growth. This position averages 20-25 hours per week, varying by season, with busier times in Spring and Fall. This is a remote work position, with in-person or virtual attendance required at events and meetings, typically held in Arlington. The Executive Director reports to the Chairman of the ASCA Board of Directors. Priority will be given to qualified Arlington residents.

Position Responsibilities:
Fundraising/Event Planning (25%): Create a fundraising plan to reduce dependency on county funding over a two-year period; plan outreach activities for the community via county fair, Clarendon Day, annual meeting, etc.; negotiate venue, catering and a/v selections within budget approved by Board; arrange on-site logistics for events in terms of set-up, registration, catering, photography, etc.; review vendor invoices and reconcile with contracted terms; set up logistics and agendas for board meetings; work with committees and board to formulate annual work plan and budget and submit to Arlington County for annual grant funding; and liaise planning between Arlington County board members traveling abroad on ASCA business, the ASCA volunteer accompanying them, and the sister city committee communicating with foreign government.

Membership Growth and Retention (25%): Expand membership within the Arlington residential and business communities; bill and track new memberships and renewing memberships; respond to telephone and email inquiries from members; identify and enhance member value proposition; and maintain member database and data integrity.

Marketing & Communications (35% with 25% contributing to fundraising/membership, 10% other): Contribute to member acquisition and retention efforts and engagement via creative, timely communications. Create content, design and coordinate member communication to publicize events and fundraising via Constant Contact, social media, etc. Help city committees with marketing to recruit host families and exchange participants. Monitor and update website and social media content.

General Administration (15%): Collect and process mail from ASCA PO Box; drive periodic updates as needed to association by-laws, policies, and procedural documents via ad-hoc board subcommittees; monitor due dates for insurance premiums and other recurring business expenses, and obtain authorization for from members of the ASCA Executive Committee for payment by the Treasurer; deposit dues and fundraising checks and send a copy to ASCA Treasurer for recording; maintain inventory list of items in the ASCA storage unit; maintain and enforce uniformity of procedural requirements for city committees.

If you are interested in being considered for the position please send your cover letter and qualifications to [email protected]